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St. Nicholas Institute Awards Banquet


The Purpose of the Awards Banquet:

1. St. Nicholas Institute Certificates of Achievement
St Nicholas Institute Certificate of Achievement

Santas and Mrs. Clauses from across North America who participate in the multi-day institute will formally receive their respective FRAMED St. Nicholas Institute Certificates of Achievement at the conclusion of this gala event.

Phillip L. Wenz (2010 Santa Claus Hall of Fame inductee) will also lead all Santas and Mrs. Clauses present in affirming the Santa Claus Oath. Created by Wenz in April of 2008, the Santa Claus Oath outlines eight key principles that any portrayer of Santa Claus should follow.

2. Spirit of St. Nicholas Award

Spirit of St Nicholas AwardHonoring 4 outstanding individuals who, to an extraordinary degree, embody the Spirit of Christmas 365 days a year. Winners represent a wide range of occupational backgrounds.

Categories for individual recognition are drawn from each of the 4 St. Nicholas Institute Core Values, which are:

1. Nicholas as our Model,

2. Openness to the Christmas Spirit,

3. Exercising Compassion,

4. Love for Children.

Since the first letter of each Core Value forms an acronym for the word, "NOEL", living each Core Value quite literally says: "Christmas"!

Recipients of the 2014 Spirit of St. Nicholas Award will be chosen by the institute's Selection Committee.

The 2013 Award Winners will be formally announced on August 15, 2014.

3. Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement AwardBy means of this very exclusive award, the institute is pleased to recognize individuals whose personal lives have dramatically personified the Christmas Spirit over the span of many decades; thereby inspiring others to share in the same peace, joy and hope that the angels proclaimed on that very first Christmas.

As with the Spirit of St. Nicholas Award, Lifetime Achievement Award recipients are chosen by the institute's own Selection Committee.

Information concerning the 2014 Award Winner(s) will be formally announced on August 15, 2014.


4. Spirit of Christmases Past, Present & Future Award

Spirit Of Christmases Past, Present, Future AwardInaugurated on October 2, 2013, this prestigious award recognizes noteworthy individuals who have made an indelible contribution to the tradition of Christmas on a worldwide scale. Due to its unique status, the “Spirit of Christmases Past, Present & Future Award” may not necessarily be conferred annually. Recipients may be either living or deceased.





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