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Santa Claus Training

Santa Claus Training Schools

The St Nicholas Institute is a multi-day seminar designed to empower candidates with the tools needed to convincingly portray both St Nicholas and the elfin Santa Claus in a wide variety of venues; whether religious or secular.

Fr. Joseph Marquis is the founder and executive director of the newly established St Nicholas Institute. He has over 40 years of professional Santa Claus and St Nicholas experience, is an Emmy Award winning Santa, and member of the Santa Claus Hall of Fame - Class of 2011, Santa Claus Indiana.

The St Nicholas Institute is open to all Santas (whether traditionally bearded or real bearded) of all Christian faiths (Catholic, Eastern Orthodox or Protestant). Our program is uniquely designed for cross-training of individuals to effectively portray Santa Claus and St Nicholas for a wide variety of venues (both secular and religious). Formation also encourages a prayerful openness to the very same Spirit that animated the life and actions of the original "jolly old St Nicholas", whose heart was made glad by the Babe born in Bethlehem.

All proceeds realized from the St Nicholas Institute to benefit the ministry of Sacred Heart Byzantine Catholic Church in Livonia MI.

Our Santa Claus Training is one of the fine things we offer at the St Nicholas Institute in Livonia Michigan. We also offer our Santa clinic, Santa workshops, and professional Santas training.

Santa Claus Training

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