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Monday, Sep. 30th thru Thursday, Oct. 3rd, 2019
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Nicholas as Our Model – William J. Bennett, Ph.D.

The True Saint Nicholas: Why He Matters to Christmas”

Reflecting on the life of this beloved bishop,

we discover an inspiring story of devotion to God

and a life example of eternal goodness for all time.” 

-William J. Bennett, Ph. D.

Dr. William J. Bennett’s book, “The True Saint Nicholas: Why He Matters to Christmas, focuses on three aspects of Saint Nicholas—the historical data of his actual life, his legacy in the centuries following his death, and the legendary status that transformed his likeness into the present-day Santa Claus. Saint Nicholas’s selfless giving is brought to life from its beginnings in the third century, far from where we stand today, but ever so relevant to our lives. Reflecting on the life of this beloved bishop, we discover an inspiring story of devotion to God and a life example of eternal goodness for all time.  The book is designed to unveil the heart and life of someone who lived so long ago—and yet whose life remains an example for all people everywhere—an example that calls each of us to a higher order of generosity, giving, and devotion to others. A historical yet touching rendition of the origins of our modern-day Santa written by an in-demand spokesperson whose penchant for reminding us of the importance of virtue reacquaints us with the true meaning of Christmas.

If you've ever been asked, ‘Who is Saint Nicholas?’... 
If you've ever wondered if he is just a commercial invention...
If you've ever thought there is no such person...
You may be surprised to know the true Saint Nicholas.
You'll never again think of Santa Claus in quite the same way.”

Former Secretary of Education, radio talk-show host, and bestselling author, Dr. William Bennett blends his historical expertise combined with his gift for storytelling into a fascinating tale as he writes his first Christmas book about the actual story behind the man who ultimately became known as Santa Claus.

Considered as “an instant classic” by one of America's most respected thinkers, The True Saint Nicholas is a book to be shared with family and friends every year to evoke the true spirit of Christmas. See more by clicking here!

Dr. Bennett is one of America’s most important, influential and respected voices on cultural, political, and education issues. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Bill Bennett studied philosophy at Williams College (B.A.) and the University of Texas (Ph.D.) and earned a law degree (J.D.) from Harvard. He serves on the Advisory Board of Udacity, one of the world’s leading online education organizations, and is a Senior Advisor to Project Lead the Way, one of the nation’s leading providers of training and curriculum to improve STEM education in American schools. He also serves on the advisory board of Viridis Learning, Inc. . Additionally he is a Senior Advisor to which specializes in assisting universities in marketing their degrees.

With his wife, Elayne at his side, Dr. William Bennett (pictured above, left) is sworn in as the United States Secretary of Education during the administration of President Ronald Reagan (shown observing at far right).

Over the course of his professional life, in education, government and the private sector, Dr. Bennett has succeeded in a trifecta of American institutions. He is an award-winning professor in academia, having taught at Boston University, the University of Texas and Harvard; he is a three-time confirmed executive in the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations including holding two cabinet-level positions, Secretary of Education under Ronald Reagan and the Nation’s first Drug Czar under the first President Bush. He was formerly the host of Morning in America, one of the largest national talk shows in the country, and is now host of America Strong: The Bill Bennett Podcast as well as The Bill Bennett Interview, a nationally syndicated series of exclusive, in-depth interviews aired across the country on the Salem Radio Network. And he is also an experienced technology entrepreneur, having been the founding Chairman of a multi-billion dollar online education company.

In his various roles, Dr. Bennett is perceived—even by his adversaries—as a man of strong, reasoned convictions who speaks candidly, eloquently, and honestly about some of the most important issues of our time.

Dr. Bennett has written or co-authored more than 25 books including two New York Times number one best-sellers, one of them being the Book of Virtues, one of the most successful books of the 1990s. His latest book Tried By Fire: The Story of Christianity’s First Thousand Years has also quickly become a best-seller. His three-volume set of the history of the United States entitled America: The Last Best Hope, has been widely praised and adopted for use in schools around the country. The Sunday New York Times previously named Dr. Bennett the “leading spokesman of the Traditional Values wing of the Republican Party.” Although he is a well-known Republican, Dr. Bennett often has crossed party lines in order to pursue important common purposes.

Thanks to his government positions, his writings and speeches, and thousands of media appearances, William Bennett has extraordinary influence on America’s political and social landscape. In many surveys and publications, he has been named one of the most influential individuals in America. He is the recipient of more than 30 honorary degrees.

Dr. Bennett and his wife, Elayne (pictured, above), reside in North Carolina and Chevy Chase, Maryland and are the parents of two sons.







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